When litigation is necessary, you need an experienced and prepared attorney who knows how to fight, but who also knows when to negotiate.

For years I have advocated for clients in contentious divorces and other difficult family disputes. I will tenaciously advocate on your behalf, but I'm prepared to negotiate when it's in your best interest.


The type of divorce for which you are eligible and the time it will take to get divorced may vary depending on whether you have children, when you physically separated from your spouse, and whether adultery, domestic violence, or another type of fault is at issue. I can review your options with you and help you decide which route is in your best interest and then take the steps necessary to secure you a judgment of divorce.


Louisiana law provides for two types of spousal support for qualifying parties - interim periodic support and permanent periodic support (i.e., "alimony"). You or your spouse's eligibility for spousal support will depend on your income, lifestyle, and need. If you are a potential candidate for support, I will work to protect your entitlement to support. If you are a payor of support, I will work to reduce your financial exposure to your spouse.

community property & DIVISION OF PROPERTY

If you acquired property during your marriage, then you will need to legally divide your property between you and your spouse in conjunction with your divorce. Community property partitions and the partition of co-owned property can be complicated and involved. I have extensive experience litigating and negotiating complex property partitions and will bring that experience and preparation to protect your interest in your assets and property.


As a parent, there is nothing more important than the custody and well-being of your children. I will tirelessly advocate for a custodial arrangement that is in the best interest of your child(ren). If you are a grandparent or a sibling of a child, then you may be entitled to certain visitation rights with that child. I can answer your questions regarding the children in your life and fight for your right to be involved those children's lives.


Louisiana law requires both parents to support their children based on their current income. If you are the recipient of support, I will work to see that you receive the support your children need. If you are the payor of support, I will work to prevent you from overpaying support unnecessarily.